Monday, May 29


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Wearing: Fash Mob dress playsuit, Accessorize novelty bag, New Look boots | Photos by Dan

Some would like to think that the weather affects your wardrobe choices - well, gloomy wet days in London saw me reaching out for darker pieces. Dressed in Fash Mob's playsuit, a baker boy hat and my statement novelty bag, I immediately felt like this outfit made it to one of my favorites despite the weather. Even though London lacks some sunshine, it still has its charm. We skipped the Underground and walked to wherever we could, exploring London on foot is the best thing ever. Oh and I have to put it out there that leggings are the hardest piece of clothing to wear/keep/wash. It is so delicate that it gets ruined (cries) after one wear, who has the same problem? Not stopping myself from wearing them though, it's a love-hate relationship.